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SAM Compliant
We are SAM compliant, ensuring that we have undergone rigorous screening and verification processes to establish our legitimacy and reliability as a supplier. UEI #PM8LXG96KGN6 7351
Promoting Sustainability
Our company is committed to eco-friendly laser practices that minimize environmental impact by employing energy-efficient laser technologies that reduce waste.
Our Badges
Crafted from premium, 1/8-inch Baltic Birch wood, with a convenient military clasp that ensures easy attachment and secure fastening.
Our Incentives
No Design Fees. Free Shipping within the Continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

About Us

Celebrating over 25 years of business in Utah.
Nestled in beautiful Northern Utah, Country Lazer has been designing and producing stunning laser products since 1996. A family-run business in its second generation. Country Lazer was started by R.J. and Nancy Rucker, who turned it over to their son-in-law Nate Moss and daughter Vida in 2020. Despite a fire that destroyed their shop in 2014, they are still growing strong.
Located conveniently next to Hwy 30. West of Logan and East of Tremonton.
Our address
15100 North 400 West Beaver Dam, Ut 84306
Open hours
Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM MST

About Our Process

Country Lazer believes in a minimalist approach to cutting, making sure to leave little waste behind.
Country Lazer uses CO2 Epilog and Trotec lasers; they can cut up to sizes 19 x 29 inches and up to 3/8 in depth. We currently have available Leather, Acrylic, 1/4 Cherry MDF, 1/4, and 1/8 Baltic Birch.  We often engrave personal works, consisting of many shapes and materials. We are always willing to work with your own materials. Please contact us to see if it will work with our lasers.

About design layout

If you create your own or need help with a design, here is what you need to know about the process.
Engraving is usually performed first, followed by Quick Lines and then Cutlines. Engraving is used to remove a little bit of the product, leaving an indentation. These are marked in Black (0/0/255 or 0000FF) and can be a line of any size or solid object. Quick Lines are used when you need a simple line that doesn't cut through. These are marked in Green (0/255/0 or 00FF00) and are .02pt in size. Cutlines are used when you want to cut all the way through. These are marked in Red (255/0/0 or FF0000) and are .02pt in size.